Products To Improve Your Female Libido At Any Age

As with many sexual health issues, there is a lot of emphasis on the male libido rather than the female libido. There are plenty of guides and products for men designed to help them achieve arousal in the bedroom. There is the talk of performance and pressure to be at their best. Yet, there are still many of the same pressures for women.

The female libido also weakens with age or ill health, with the same impact on performance and personal well-being. Women should have the same chance as men to improve their sexual health and enjoyment of intercourse.

The female libido often decreases around the time of menopause.  Menopause not only leads to a decreased desire for sex, it could also cause vaginal dryness and other issues. Therefore, any attempt to have sex, despite a poor libido can become uncomfortable. There are also many women that suffer from poor libido due to chronic illness and other conditions.

Not all women wish to talk about these problems, as there is still some stigma over menopause and sexuality. Yet, there are many in this situation searching for an appropriate solution.

This guide will look at some of the top products and natural remedies that are available to women looking to enhance their libido. There are two key sections here. The first looks at some natural ingredients and more simplistic supplements that could be of use.

The second section discusses some of the over-the-counter products, as well as their availability. Some women will prefer the idea of the latter. These packaged products have more complex formulas and some assurance over standards and results. Others will prefer the natural approach. Dietary aids are more discrete and accessible, with fewer issues of side effects.

Natural Female Libido Enhancers

Natural solutions are appealing to many women struggling with their sexual health. This is especially true for those dealing with the additional symptoms of menopause. Furthermore, there is the embarrassment of going to a doctor or chemist to find a suitable solution. Herbal remedies are cheap, natural and nobody is going to ask any questions at the checkout. Many of these options are easily added to the diet and offer extra health properties.

1) L-Arginine

L-Arginine is an amino acid and something that is actually commonly used in body-building substances. That is because this compound helps to improve blood flow. In this case, this means blood flow to the genitals for improved arousal.

2) Theobromine

This is actually seen as quite a potent aphrodisiac, even if it doesn’t sound quite as sexy as some of the more common options. Keep an eye for it in top sexual health products.

3) Ginseng

A great natural stimulant more commonly used as an alternative to caffeine. Many focus on the effect of ginseng on the mind. Yet, in the right applications, it can also work pretty well on sexual organs too.

4) Ginger Root

ginger root drink

Ginger seems to be one of those substances that can do anything. There are plenty of potential health benefits to this root, including a few related to female libido. Some users see improvements in arousal issues and vaginal dryness.

5) Zinc

Zinc is another product that we often see mentioned for boosting our immune system during the cold season. Now it seems that there is another reason to add it to our daily supplements. The reason is the link between zinc and testosterone. This may sound as though we are back with male enhancement products, but women rely on testosterone too.

6) Omega 3

Fish oils don’t just go to our brains. We love these oils for the way that they can also improve circulation and trigger the release of dopamine. Increased dopamine doesn’t only make us happier and healthier, it also means a greater likelihood of arousal.

seafood omega-3

7) Celery

Celery is another oddity on first impressions. This health food staple is either loved or loathed because of its crunchy properties and taste. What many women don’t realize is that there are actually two key chemicals in celery that relate to female libido. They are androsterone and adrostenol. Therefore, a little more celery in the diet could do wonders.

Natural Ways To Enjoy These Herbal Ingredients

The great thing about many of these ingredients is that they are available in some simple produce. Ginger root is one of the most versatile and easy to use in different methods and freezes well. You can cook with it, infuse tea with it or even chew on it if you are inclined.

It will also please many women that there is another good reason to eat chocolate. Theobromine is present in dark chocolate and consuming moderate amounts of dark chocolate could prove useful. Using ginger or a dark chocolate treat may be a more appealing aphrodisiac than oysters.

Ginseng is also available in different forms, one of the most popular being energy drinks. The problem here is that the stimulants and sugar may not be that helpful and add to weight gain.

Choosing the right product for your sexual health symptoms

It is also notable that many of these ingredients are also used to combat issues with the male libido. There are similarities to these issues, with the general premises of circulation, blood flow and stimulation. However, the female experience of sex and affects of arousal are much different.

Some women may have a desire for sex but experience vaginal dryness. Some may have issues with sensations around the labia and clitoris. Others may find it difficult to orgasm, even if there are no problems with blood flow or lubrication.

This is why it is important to match the product to your own personal experience with the female libido. These differences in situation and symptoms are why many like to turn to more specialist products.

Before you choose a product based on price or accessibility, take a moment to look at the purpose. It helps to know that the company and developers behind a product actually understand the issue of the female libido. There is a big difference between an enhancement product and a lubricant. One allows for improved intercourse, the other can bring arousal and enjoyment from foreplay to climax.

There is the sense with some brands created products from a male perspective. Vaginal dryness and looseness isn’t the only issue here. Women deserve a product that also helps with blood flow and stimulation around the labia and clitoris. Then there is the issue of anxiety. A more comprehensive formula can allow for a better experience.

Over the counter products and aids to help the situation.

These natural ingredients and herbal aids are a great choice for those looking for long-term benefits. However, they aren’t always the most potent or convenient method. Some women will prefer the idea of a stronger supplement. Others will like the option of a fast-acting gel. There are plenty of different products available from drug stores and other suppliers. Some are also available online, for a more discrete way to buy your product.

Pills Or Capsules May Offer Multi-Symptom Relief

Capsule based supplements are a great option for those dealing with long-term issues in sexual health. The right product, with the optimal formula, can keep issues and hormone problems in check. The best options are something simple to take once or twice a day. Many of these products have natural formulas with many of the ingredients mentioned above. Still, it always pays to read the ingredients list carefully. If the formula seems to complex or there is an ingredient you don’t recognize, try something else.

1) Arginmax

This supplement is appealing to users because of the simple 30-day dosage and the range of ingredients. This includes damiana, L-arginine, ginkgo calcium, iron and vitamins A, B, C and E. The aim here is not to offer one aid. Instead, it helps with arousal, lubrication, fatigue and any other problematic deficiencies. This comprehensive option could prove helpful for many women.

2) Provestra

Provestra is similar to other products with simple daily capsules. The bright pink colour doesn’t look too natural, but there is the assurance of an all-natural formula. This contains a great blend of ingredients to help address hormonal imbalances in the body. This should help the user with different sexual health issues, from stimulation to orgasm.

3) Zenofem

This option follows a familiar trend with a potent capsule designed to target all the key areas of sexual desire and stimulation. Here buyers also have the benefit of pharmaceutical grade ingredients and 90 capsules per bottle. A larger supply means fewer trips to the store, which is always helpful with these delicate issues.

Gel And Creams For Comfort

Supplements are great for dealing with underlying issues in sexual health and libido. But, some women will prefer a quick solution they can feel working. This is gels and creams help. Users can apply them to the genitals prior to sexual intercourse to help with arousal and lubrication. This is more of a quick fix solution to ensure a better performance when it really counts. It is more about the enjoyment of sex at that moment, rather than the wider issue of libido. Still, this is a good option for women that don’t like the idea of daily capsules.

Different gels and creams have different approaches. Beware of those with one single aim, such is purely tightening the vagina. This may help with enjoyable intercourse, but not lubrication or arousal. Look for products that target all areas of the issues and actually seem to understand the female problem.

1) Zestra

This oil is for those that really want a fast result, for example, if you want to surprise your partner with a night of passion. Women can apply the oil to the genital area just 5 minutes before it needs to work. It also lasts up to 45 minutes, so there isn’t the need for frequent reapplication. The natural formula includes primrose oil, coleus forskholii extract, and theobromine. This combination should allow for better arousal and orgasm.

Source: Diane Terman PR NYC

2) Vigorelle

This cream works a little differently by focusing on the issue of vaginal dryness and lubrication. The idea here initially appears to be to make intercourse more comfortable and enjoyable. But, there are also ingredients to help with blood flow too. This means that women should have a better chance at achieving arousal as well.

Vigorelle product image

When choosing between products, it can also help to look at the user reviews. This is a great way to learn more about the method of use and the effects on the female libido.

However, you shouldn’t expect any of these products to have a 100% perfect rating. Each user will have their own personal issues and experiences with the supplement or cream. Some will find it more helpful than others depending on their needs. There are also those that may fail to achieve the result they wanted because they didn’t follow directions or recommended doses. Therefore, it is best to try a product with a strong money back guarantee and make up your own mind.

Find the product that works for you!

There will be plenty of guides and other women that highlight one product, method or herb as the absolute best option. They may have a genuine opinion based on personal experience, but it may not work for you. Get to know your body and the symptoms that come with your decreased female libido. That way you can research natural aids and products that target these issues and can provide the relief you need. Don’t be afraid to try different solutions until you are happy.

At the same time, look at alternative ways to boost your sex drive and sexual health. The more tools you have in your arsenal, the better the chance of success. A little herbal tea and stimulating gel could help, but so could some simple methods to reduce stress and increase self-esteem.

Also, remember to confide in your partner. Don’t feel that you have to deal with this burden alone. If they truly want to enjoy a healthy sex life with you, they will want to help. Help them to understand what is wrong and let them support you – whether that means applying those creams or buying you chocolates.

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