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Sleeping is good for our mental and physical health since it helps the body to refresh and reenergize for other tasks. During resting time, the mind also restores so that it can function properly. The brain is responsible for controlling all the functions of our body organs; hence it should rest.

However, some people experience sleeping problems such as failing to sleep quickly. Others also face challenges like awakening during the night then failing to sleep again after an interruption of their rest. Such conditions also known as insomnia scenarios can affect mental health leading to issues like depression, anxiety, daytime fatigue and lack of concentration among others.

Lack of sleep also affects the well-being of people experiencing the problem in many ways. Affected people usually fail to concentrate, and they are exposed to dangers of fatal accidents if they drive. Other people can also experience difficulties like daytime fatigue that can affect their work.

If you are one of the people experiencing poor sleep, do not despair. You can try some of the products designed to help you sleep faster. Read on, and you will realize that there are there are various products that can solve your sleep problems without taking medication.

Fall Asleep Quickly With Dodow

A Dodow is a fantastic timer that teaches you to fall asleep at a rate that is two and a half times faster. The other notable aspect about this product is that it does not use any medication. It uses a combination of meditation, yoga and behavioral, cognitive therapy to help the user sleep better.

Dodow helps to relieve stress, worries, restlessness, awakening at night and chronic stress. These factors promote the secretion of cortisol, a hormone that prevents the production of a sleeping hormone called melatonin. Without melatonin, your brain remains active hence you cannot sleep.

How Dodow Works?

The gadget uses a blue light that beams on the ceiling at night to control your breathing pace. You should follow its rhythm when you breathe like inhaling when the beam expands while exhaling when it contracts. By focusing on the light, your attention to negative thoughts declines. When brain activity drops, it relaxes, and the process of sleeping becomes easy.

Breathing is the only exercise that can control the autonomic nervous system — the steady pace of breathing following the rhythm of Dodow triggers baroreflex. It is a psychological mechanism that corrects the imbalance in the autonomic system. This imbalance in the system causes insomnia.

The Dodow will gradually slow down your breathing to about six (6) breaths per minute from 11, and you reach a relaxation state. At this stage, after about eight minutes, exhalation becomes longer than inhalation, and you are ready to sleep. Dodow automatically switches off after eight or so minutes depending on your timing. After a few months, you will be able to sleep without using the device.

Source: Dodow

The product already has 327, 000 users and 76% of them state that they are satisfied with the product. These users are not only happy with the gadget, but they also have high confidence in it and believe it is an excellent remedy to sleeping problems. The product is suitable for everyone.

When you buy this product, you are guaranteed of 100 % money back, so there is no reason to worry. In the rare event that you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, there is entirely no risk of losing money.

Dodow is an economical solution which costs about $60, but it encompasses a variety of therapies that are safe to your health. Delivery takes two to four business days in Europe, and the product comes with batteries.

Big Red Rooster Baby White Noise Machine

The Big Red Rooster is a machine that produces six different lullaby sounds to make your child sleep deep. The six sounds are white noise, heartbeat, ocean, lullaby, rock-a-bye, and twinkle. This device is smart in that it produces soothing sounds that also create an ideal and peaceful environment to make your baby fall asleep easier.

The other notable aspect about the Big Red Rooster is that it helps the baby to sleep peacefully. She will also wake up refreshed, and this device is good for the growth and health of your child. You can use a timer to set the device for a period that you desire, or you can leave the sound on the whole night.

noise maker, sleep better product

The machine is portable, and it is ideal for both home use and travel. Big Red Rooster comes with an AC adaptor and three AA batteries. You can use the device without connecting to power, and it is perfect for a new baby shower present.

If you are not happy with the product, then you have no worries. You can return it and request for a refund, and you get your money back. The money back guarantee is to assure you that you will get 100 % satisfaction from the product. You cannot be the first person to encounter problems with the product since many customers are happy about it.

Source:  London Johnson, Inc.

The ordering process is simple, and all orders leave the warehouse for delivery within one business day. The other exciting thing about the product is that it is affordable and it costs approximately $25. All the same, quality is guaranteed besides the relatively low price of the device.


Sleepzy smartphone app

Sleepzy helps you to sleep deep, and you will also wake up feeling great and energetic. Sleepzy smartphone app with an alarm clock setting, and it plays a pivotal role in tracking your sleep patterns. It also wakes you up at the appropriate time. The app is impressive in that it analyzes your sleep quality and it notifies you about any anomaly it observes.

When you have a dent in your sleep time, the smartphone notifies you, and it works a plan that you compensate it. You merely place your iPhone next to your bed, and it tracks your sleep cycles using a microphone. You should first set your sleeping goal on the device, and you also indicate the time you want to sleep.

When you are in bed, the device uses soothing sounds that will make you relax and fall asleep. Sleepzy app tracks all aspects of your sleep such as quality, cycles, snoring as well as well as sleep debt in the event of an interruption. It records everything, and in case of sleep debt, it adjusts your rest period to compensate it.

The other handsome feature about the app is that it wakes you up to your favorite tune at the right time. You can also program the smartphone to give you weather forecast when you wake up so that you can easily plan your day. Sleepzy is smart in that it functions like your assistant.

Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light glasses filter the bluish light from your screen that promotes wakefulness. Many people often complain of dry, itchy and red eyes after spending the whole day glued on their computers. This problem of digital eyestrain is common among many people who spend many hours behind their computer screens.

There is a full belief that blue light glasses help prevent the eyes from the effects of blue light from computer screens. Some researches show that it is not the blue light from your screen that makes your eyes itchy but the action of looking at the screen. Our eyes experience blue light from the sunlight and other gadgets like smartphones every day.

Instead of recommending blue light glasses for digital eyestrain due to spending long hours on the computer, eye specialists recommend artificial tears. Eyewear does not solve the problem, but the issue is that your eyes need lubrication to prevent dryness.

However, research also indicates that blue light glasses are useful at night. Blue light is usually associated with daytime so it can affect your sleep clock thinking that it is not yet time to sleep. It is difficult to sleep at night with the blue light on. Under normal circumstances, people should avoid blue light at least three to four hours before bedtime.

Honeywell Uvex

Many people find it hard to avoid screens before bedtime, and this is when blue-light glasses come in handy. You can use blocking glasses during that period before you retire to bed to prevent excessive light in your eyes. You will experience better sleeping quality if you use blue-light blocking glasses before bedtime. Uvex glasses can help you to avoid light so that it does not suppress the production of melatonin, a sleeping hormone.

Gunnar Optiks

Gunnar Optiks are glasses that block blue light, and they have tinted lenses. These glasses are highly rated, and they help prevent blue light from the computer screen especially before bedtime. Light before bedtime can affect your sleep pattern, and these glasses are effective in protecting your eyes at night.

The other notable aspect about Gunnar Opticks glasses is that they have a plastic frame that makes them lighter. They also have amber tinted lenses and this help to prevent intense blue light from affecting your eyes. The color of tint does not matter as long as it helps to block the blue light that can negatively impact your eyes.

Look Optic

Look Optic is another type of light blocking glasses with stylish design and transparent lenses. The glasses are ideal in that they lower the intensity of sparkle to your eyes when you are working on your computer. The focus is not about the color of light that comes from the computer. The intensity of light from the screen is a cause for concern since it can disrupt your sleep pattern.

The other aspect is that the company also sells screen readers that have blue light protection. These products come with magnification or not, but you can choose according to your eyesight. Glasses with magnification are useful since they help to improve your vision.

You will not strain your eyes especially if you are reading a text in a smaller font. The screen of your device might also be, and this is when magnification comes in handy. The glasses are also ideal in that they prevent your eyes from drying due to light from the screen. When the eyes struggle to read without glasses, you also experience an itchy sensation.

Fitbit Watch

Fitbit watch is another beautiful product that can help you get quality sleep through motivation. A Fitbit watch only differs from other conventional wristwatches in that it is sophisticated. It can perform numerous tasks that an ordinary clock cannot do.

For example, the device tracks your health and fitness routine exercises to ensure that you reach your desired goals. The watch is smart in that you can program it to monitor all activities that have a link with health and wellness. It acts as a personal assistant since it reminds you to fulfill certain events that you should do at a given period. You program the watch to perform the functions that you desire.

Proper exercise is good for improving your sleep patterns in that it helps the body and mind to relax. After some routine practices, the body feels tired, and when it is bedtime, it can quickly fall asleep. Exercise also helps the mind to relax such that you can quickly fall asleep when you go to bed. The fit bit watch can also track your sleep patterns, and it notifies you about changes that may be necessary.

The product is smart in many ways since it is different from ordinary wrist watches. It is beautiful, and it also symbolizes a high degree of innovation. The Fitbit watch is unique, and you can buy it for your loved one as a pleasant gift for Christmas. It can also help to improve their quality of sleep through a variety of activities.

Christmas is a time of giving and showing love to different people. You can take this opportunity to reflect on the conditions of various people around you. These items may present good ideas for choosing Christmas presents for family members suffering from poor sleep. You can make a difference to someone’s life this coming holiday.

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