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How Safe Is It To Have Safe Sex During The Pandemic?

safe sex

We’re all social distancing at the moment. And that begs the question: how can you have safe sex in the time of COVID-19 & self-quarantine? Is it safe to have sex during this pandemic?

First, the facts. COVID-19, the disease brought on by the novel coronavirus, is caused by direct person-to-person touch or by close individuals (within six feet) to each other–since it is thought that the virus is expelled from respiratory droplets from a cough or sneeze, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which you may then inhale. You may even pick it up … Read More

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Home STD Test Kits: Not As Accurate As Labs

std home test kit chlamydia

Many people are afraid that they have a sexually transmitted disease (STD) and are uncomfortable about going to the doctor.  If you are part of this group of people, you have probably experienced the same fear.

You’ve probably already searched the web for sites that offer at-home STD test kits. You can order these tests online and use them in the comfort of your home – far from the prying eyes of doctors, nurses, or others.

However, most STD test kits are not as reliable and accurate as lab tests.  Additionally, only some of these are approved by the FDA.… Read More

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Gels, Oils, And Moisturizers For Better Sex

Better Sex

All couples, no matter their age and length of relationship, go through a period where they could do with spicing up their love lives. Sex can become a little predictable and routine without new ideas, techniques, and products. Thankfully, there are gels, oils and other solutions out there for better sex.

Arousal Gels and Oils for Better Sex

There are times when couples lose the spark in bed. It is not for lack of trying or lack of attraction, but the feeling just isn’t as intense as it was. This could be a sign of bodies aging(menopause) or the … Read More

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What You Need to Know About Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction

According to an estimate, up to 25 million Americans spend anywhere between 1 and 10 hours a week looking at online pornographic material while at least 4.7 million Americans spend more than 11 hours looking at the online pornographic material.

While these statistics are an indication of the degree to which Americans are fixated on sex and sexual material, they are an even bigger sign of a deeper problem; sexual addiction. According to the National Council on Sexual Addiction Compulsivity, 6%-8% of the American population suffers from sex addiction.… Read More

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5 Most Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases And Symptoms

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Despite the numerous measures put in to prevent the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases, they are still a nuisance. It is common to ignore STDs in their early stages of development which are the most vulnerable stages of these diseases.

You would be advised to see the doctor on the onset of the initial signs of sexually transmitted infections, but then you might not be aware of them.… Read More

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The Definition Of Being Sexually Healthy

sexually healthy

The meaning of being sexually healthy is a bit more complex than it seems. To understand the true definition of healthiness when it comes to the matters of sex, we must first understand sexuality and how it works all together like a system to keep up sexually strength. Honestly, sexual health cannot be well-defined but rather obtained with a combination of responsibility and awareness.… Read More

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What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Lovemaking?

best mattress for sex

When buying mattresses, most adults rarely consider how suitable the mattress will be for their sexual escapades. After all, if the mattress is comfortable enough to sleep on, then it is comfortable enough for sex, right?

Well, according to various studies, some types of mattresses are better than others when it comes to sex.

The ranking of the different types of mattresses when it comes to sex is based on a number of factors including bounciness, comfort, how easy it is to move around on the mattress and even how noisy the mattress is.… Read More

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Using Sex As A Stress Management Technique

Use Sex as a Stress Management Technique

You might have heard this already, that better sex could relieve you of a lot of stress.

It is not as far-fetched an idea as you think it is.

Ultimately, when you think about it, your muscles and nerves are all connected.

The reason you feel mentally and physically stressed is because of the negative effects on these very nerves and having sex can relieve you of a lot of these pressures – both mentally and physically.… Read More

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Using Tranquilizers? Beware Of Sexual Side Effects.

bottle of benzo pills

Benzodiazepines, sometimes called benzos, are drugs that are meant to calm the brain by enhancing how the GABA receptors function.

They are in charge of opening up the GABA activated chloride channels and therefore enabling the entry of chloride ions into the neuron.

Because of their sedative effects, benzos are some of the most widely prescribed drugs in the US as well as in most parts of the world.

They are classified as either ultra-short acting, short-acting or long-acting. Most people are familiar with Xanax and Valium,  both commonly used benzos.

Although they are used for the treatment of … Read More

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Changes In Men’s Sex Life Due To Aging

Changes in Men's Sex Life Due to Aging

Believe it or not, some older men are having better sex than you could ever have imagined having yourself.

The reason these men are still sexually active is not at all complex and comes down mainly to being physically and mentally healthier than most other men in their age categories.

And because these men are far healthier, they sleep a lot better at night too.… Read More

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