Gels, Oils, And Moisturizers For Better Sex

All couples, no matter their age and length of relationship, go through a period where they could do with spicing up their love lives. Sex can become a little predictable and routine without new ideas, techniques, and products. Thankfully, there are gels, oils and other solutions out there for better sex.

Arousal Gels and Oils for Better Sex

There are times when couples lose the spark in bed. It is not for lack of trying or lack of attraction, but the feeling just isn’t as intense as it was. This could be a sign of bodies aging(menopause) or the routine of the sex life of a long-term relationship.

No couple wants to feel as though they are going through the motions. They need some excitement to increase arousal. Also, the right stimulation can increase the frequency and intensity of orgasms. This is essential for many older women that feel that the overall experience is lacking, despite their partner’s best efforts.

Arousal gels and oils for better sex

The best solution here is to look for gels and oils applied to stimulate the area and improve the sensation during sex. They can be directly applied to the vaginal area during foreplay or onto the penis, as a stimulating form of lubricant.

There are clear pros and cons here for better sex. Some love the approach and feel that the warming tingling sensation is just enough to take them to that next level.

Some feel it easier to achieve orgasm and say it makes the feeling more enjoyable. Then there are those that find the feeling distracting, taking them out of the moment. This applies especially to those with a cooling sensation that reminds them of menthol.

Moisturizing Lotions and Products for Vaginal Dryness

Those arousal gels and oils are products for a little fun in the bedroom. Still, they can be a step too far for some women. Others know that they would be able to enjoy better sex with a little more lubrication. The tingling and warming are optional.

For those that don’t want to deal with the mess and sensation of gels and other lubricants, there is the option of moisturizers. These lotions are easily applied inside the vagina to reduce the dryness that comes during the cycle, or with age.

Vaginal Dryness

The upside of this natural method is that it is achievable away from the bedroom. It is prep work for improved sex that doesn’t take away from experience, allowing for spontaneity and quick fun.

The problem is that some products are more pleasant to use than others regarding consistency. Others also work a little too well for day-to-day use.

Part of the fun of this product for better sex is the shopping experience.

There are plenty of products out there that offer a new way for couples to enjoy sex and achieve orgasm. They all have different features and application methods, so it pays to shop carefully.  For men that need a little extra help click here for some tips.

Still, with all the different brands, effects, scents and even tastes, browsing can be fun.

In fact, partners shopping together can enjoy a new thrill in the anticipation and discussion. It is a win-win situation for better sex.

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