Can’t Fall Asleep? Try This New Pillow To Calm Your Mind!

Suffering from sleeping issues? You must try this new pillow technology produced by Dreampad. If you are always the person who, no matter how tired you are at 9 P.M, will be alert until midnight, trying to slow your thoughts and calm your mind. One thing that might help you is knowing that you are not alone. In actuality, based on Dreampad Sleep research, 27 percent of the populace has a problem falling asleep, and 68 percent struggle with sleeping issues at least once weekly.

If you haven’t researched it, the Dreampad Pillow ($149) was on the show¬† “Shark Tank” where they showed how it plays music with bone conduction — indicating that only you should be able to listen to it. With this, you can be lulled to sleep with mellow sounds without both you and your spouse having to listen to crashing waves or the TV on low all night.

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The music has been specially designed to overcome stress, cause relaxation, and promote better and longer sleep. And while there is a useful application for somebody who simply favors music while getting sleep but resides between four paper-thin walls, there is a more influential use.

Dreampad says research studies, including those performed in tandem With Columbia University Medical, have demonstrated success for men and women that suffer from moderate stress-related sleep difficulties to clinically proven sleep issues — a belief that is echoed in a number of its more positive Amazon reviews.

In practice, the Dreampad worked surprisingly well. You will be impressed to Find you can hear the songs correctly with your head on the pillow but will find nothing after lifting your head away. There were a few exceptions of some tunes that could be heard on a very low volume. Though, all in all, it does exactly what it claims to do.

The Dreampad app is integrated with songs engineered to combine the frequencies and rhythms, including nature sounds and ambient music, which are most favorable to sleep. You can add some of the 10 sounds available to play for a few minutes or through the night to reduce the possibility of waking up. You can even adjust the volume.

Apart from its obvious usefulness, Dreampad says its cushion is more effective than outside white noise devices. Instead of moving through the airwaves to your ear, Dreampad music moves internally through your body, perfectly stimulating your nervous system’s leisure response.

Memory Support

For this reason, when we learned about The Dreampad–a smart pillow created to aid people to sleep profoundly due to embedded white sound speakers had to give it a try.

When you start using Firm Support Dreampad, you will be exceptionally impressed. From the Dreampad app, you will be able to pick from a range of soft tunes–then play it via the pillow through Bluetooth technology. The coolest part is that the sound couldn’t be found even on the highest volume unless your head is on the pillow. That means, if you sleep with a partner, it won’t disturb them! And you do not even have to wear headphones!

Therefore, if you prefer to keep your mind at less of an angle as you snooze, we would recommend checking out one of those other sizes: Moderate Support, Memory Support, or Slim Support.

Medium size: $149

Kid size: $99

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4 Things You Must Know About the Dreampad

  • The Dreampad was primarily intended to help children with elevated levels of stress, including injury and autism, and it proved to be so well parents began using them.
  • Research performed by SleepScore Labs monitored Dreampad users for 400 nights of usage and found that 84% could keep their minds from diversion to support their sleep.
  • It is helpful for people of all ages, including children, adults, teens, and so.
  • It is built with sterile eco fill.


The Dreampad is much easy to set up, and you can certainly start to enjoy the advantage of it.

When you turn on the adapter, it will display the list of available Bluetooth systems on your phone as Dreampad. The pairing is simple, and it is ready to go.

If you play audio wirelessly from your iPhone, At first, you couldn’t hear anything. This is because it’s intended to be used with very little to no ambient sound. You could only really listen to it with your head turned to the side, having an ear on the pillow. If you had been lying flat with the back of your head on the pillow, you could not hear it.

It’s a very relaxing experience, and it will help you fall asleep easier and quicker. One crucial point to notice is that you take a zippered pillow cover for the Dreampad. This keeps the Dreampad clean and protects it if the water is accidentally spilled on it.

Dreampad App

The Dreampad can also be managed with a mobile app that can broadcast any range of music or sounds you pick. It includes 10 songs that are meant to specifically promote sleep. The app also includes playtime management, volume control, and an alarm.

Some parents use it with an old iPhone to make their kids fall asleep without any problem, and some reviewers say that it has even helped with sleeplessness.

Having said this, the Dreampad has some disadvantages. Unless you get the Bluetooth receiver ($19), you need to plug your telephone into the pillow at night, which might pose an issue for those who have an iPhone 7 or over and charge your phone at precisely the exact same time. If that’s the case, you may have to select an adapter.

While there is an alarm, do not rely on it as your primary one, especially If you are a restless sleeper.

Last, though you can play y you opt to get one of our music via the pillow, it has been specially made to perform only the low-frequency tunes developed for inducing sleep in the app. If you want something to induce a restful sleep instead of being a practical bedtime media player, this con actually doesn’t matter. But if you’re going to perform with your Spotify”sleep playlist” on it, you will be greeted with your playlist since it sounds underwater.

If you choose to buy one and do not find it works for you or have a problem with one of the other cons, you’ve got 30 days to return.

Overall, if you’re looking for a pleasant way to induce sleep and find that white or ambient noise will help you, the Dreampad functions for the purpose it was designed for. It comes with a few disadvantages (a few of which you can deal with a Bluetooth receiver or adapter) though it is overall an excellent choice for anyone who wants to get to sleep quicker or more profoundly, especially those who may wish to spare their partner by the same nighttime preferences.

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