How To Really Sleep Better?

Sleeping is relaxing and is also good for health. Is there anything better?

Yes, there is – knowing the techniques on how to sleep better.  Maybe not everyone knows that, but sleeping is also something that helps people to live longer. A study by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine has proven that sleeping well is one of the secrets to longevity.

From the analysis of 2,800 people, the results showed that about 65% of people reported that their sleep quality was good or very good and the average daily sleep time was 7.5 hours, including naps.

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Some People Simply Do Not Know How To Sleep Better – Yet

But for some people, a good night’s sleep is not achieved so easily. Insomnia can be caused by health problems. The problem may be due to anxiety disorder, depressive disorder, neurological disorders such as restless legs syndrome, sleep apnea or even a disorder called periodic limb movements of sleep, among others.

It is important to look for the best sleep aid in order to lead a healthier life with more sleep.

Are You Doing The Basics Though?

But before you think that the problem is health, think: is that you are having healthy habits before bed?

Practices such as excessive use of computers, heavy food before bed and stressful situations can impair sleep indeed. To resolve the issue in these cases, we’ve listed some things you can help improve the quality of your sleep.

But if none of that works, then seek medical attention. Generally having the best sleep aid includes reading mattress reviews and other things.

Choose The Best Pillow And Read Mattress Reviews

When thinking of a good pillow and a good mattress you really need to read mattress reviews. It is important to always take into account the position in which you sleep. When you lie on your side, it is important that the pillow is higher, so that the neck is aligned with the rest of the back.

Now, if you lie on your back, the ideal is to use a lower pillow, so that the head does not get too high up. Ofcourse, if your favorite position is to face down, it is best not to use any pillow at all. It is important to read mattress reviews and invest in a good one.

The Bottom Line

These rules are void if you have any specific health problem. In the case of associated diseases such as gastroesophageal reflux and also some diseases, the recommendation for higher pillow is made just for that person.

As for the material, it is really worth it to choose a good one. Some retain their characteristics for a longer time, such as viscoelastic, for example. Even so, whenever you notice that the pillow is getting lower, the ideal is to buy another one. The exchange must be made when presenting deformities or some kind of discomfort for the person sleeping. The same goes for the mattress to provide you the best sleep aid.

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