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As there are many ways to get healthy, the way to better health should involve cleaning up the water you drink, the air you breathe, and the food you eat. For they are the core elements of getting and staying healthy. Other things that lead to becoming healthier, including the decisions you make. The friends you keep, the job you do, and the ideas you think.

So the reply to the question, “How do I get healthy” would be to clean up all those facets of your life that give rise to stress or unhealthiness.  Therefore, our intention is to provide products that can improve your health. Listed below are short descriptions of the many healthy products to help improve your wellness.

Health And Wellness Products

1. Air Purifiers for Home or Business


Because no one air purifier is suitable everywhere, there are several brands — Airfree Sanitizers, Airpura HEPA/Carbon air purifiers, Surround Multi-Tech Ionizers, Air Oasis home, and commercial air purifiers, and Ozonator for Food Life Extension and Refrigerator Sanitizing — helping you find the right model for the right problems. Include a HEPA filter, carbon filters, TiO2 ions, UV lamps, and advanced oxidation, and models from space sizes and travel to house. There are large air purifiers for commercial use, such as school rooms, kennels, nail salons, and much more.

2. Beauty and Hygiene Healthy Products

This segment includes Organic or made with ingredients that are wild-crafted to enhance hygiene and your beauty. Products including Miessence skincare, haircare, body care, dental care, makeup, and shaving aids.

Perfect Prescription tooth soap and tooth brighteners, hair stimulation shampoo and conditioners by Abbey St. Clare and, anti-aging skincare Honey Bee lip gloss care and eyeliners and Signature Minerals eye shadows.

Additionally, products like VioLight toothbrush sanitizers and Portable sonic toothbrushes, Nasopure nasal cleansing (quicker and simpler than a netti pot), and much more.

3. EMF Radiation Neutralizers

Aulterra EMF protection products are natural homeopathic diamagnetic, and paramagnetic elements proved to neutralize, rather than block, the hazardous effects on DNA caused by EMF-RF emitting electronic equipment. RFs and man-made EMFs can cause short-term memory issues, fatigue, congestion, headaches, sleep issues, muscular and joint pain, cancer, and present other grave dangers to human health.

4. Far Infrared Light Therapy Devices

There’s a long list of effective and recognized health benefits of far infrared therapy that has been documented over the past 25 years. It’s believed that the skin and underlying tissue absorb light photons. Which causes biological changes within the body in a process called photobiomodulation. However, the specific mechanism of action is still undergoing study, what is understood is that monochromatic brightness improves oxygen and blood flow, helping wound healing.

There are far infrared treatment devices for pain relief, acne, wrinkles, and skin rejuvenation, a portable personal sauna, and a sauna belt.

There are a wide variety of supplements, made from certified organic or whole wild-crafted foods. You can use supplements on an “as required” basis, such as colloidal Defense, Allimax Garlic, Nascent Iodine, Environmental Detox Clays, Edible Earth, and Himalayan Salt Sole, in addition to products that support your daily dietary requirements, such as Vitamin D3, Green Vibrance, Humic-Fulvic Minerals, Coral Calcium, Stabilized Activated Oxygen, and Joint Vibrance. Additionally, you can get many health-promoting devices, like the Himalayan Salt Inhaler and the Himalayan Salt Foot and Hand Detoxer.

5. Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Products


Three hundred thousand years ago, a vast primordial ocean covered, which would eventually become the Himalayan mountain range. The salt of that unpolluted ocean was saved as large crystal structures that now produce the most refined salt on earth.

You can find about a dozen different lamp shapes and sizes, bath scrubs, candleholders, bath salts, table and cooking salt is coarse, detox lamp, salt pieces for sole, and salt inhaler. Once you start searching either online or at a retailer you will find a variety of Himalayan salt products, select the ones that fit into your lifestyle and your budget for potential better health.

6. Odor Eliminating Sponges and Sprays

Our senses are assault by unpleasant odors from a variety of sources, like pet odors, body odors, smoke odors, food odors, and musty odors. Possibly, the best way to remove the smell is to eliminate and cleanse the odor-causing substance.

But some odors are extremely tough to remove even with washing. Because any porous material like wood, drywall, carpeting, etc. retains the odor molecules inside.

No matter what the odor’s source is, we have products to eliminate the smelly offenders, including odor sprays, odor sponges, and air purifiers.

7. Healthy Products for Pregnant and Nursing Women

Everything you eat and put in your skin by you and your child. So it is very necessary to choose chemical-free products that encourage better health. Those are the creams you apply to your skin, the water you bathe in and drink, and the food you eat.

For your relaxation during pregnancy, and when breastfeeding, there are full-body pillows. You can take Miessence Certified Organic Breast and Belly lotion to help prevent stretch marks. You can also find Abbey St. Clare Orange Blossom Hydrosol that relieves diaper rash irritation almost instantly and a reusable, portable hot pad that may be used to warm kid bottles.

8. Relaxation and Pain Relief Healthy Products

Feeling stressed out or tense? It is difficult to work at our best when our body is screaming in distress. There are many kinds of relaxation therapy techniques you can easily do at home or work to immediately relax your mind, body, or spirit, as well as healthy products designed to ease body tension.

You can take far-infrared deep sharp light devices, acupressure prickly pads, portable heat packs, neck support, full-body pillows, and St. Luke’s pain relief gel.

9. Seychelle Canteen, Portable Pitcher, Sports Bottle, Straw, and Emergency Water Filters

Seychelle water filtration products assist the environment and are a much better alternative to bottled water. They are specifically designed to assure the water you drink is fresh, great-tasting, and clean despite the source. Right from the tap or from lakes, rivers, creeks, streams, or ponds. They are best for use when hiking, camping, biking, backpacking, at college, at the office, and particularly for emergency preparation.

The plastic bottles that Seychelle uses are re-usable, environmentally safe, and can be reused. They are BPA-free and won’t leach. They provide up to 100 gallons of water that’s equivalent to 757 half liters of water for just pennies a gallon.

10. Shower Filters and Bath Water Filters

We carry a large selection of tub and shower filter styles, including Sprite for toxic chlorine that can cause hair loss, dry your skin, and contribute to allergy symptoms. CuZn for chloramines or chlorine and heavy metals, and VitaShower Vitamin C filter for chlorine and chloramines.

For bathwater, we take CuZn Bath Balls (available for chlorine) and the VitaBath pills, which eliminate both chloramines and chlorine. We take the Mediterranean Bath Salts by Sprite.

11. Water Filters and Salt-Less Water Softeners

The patented FilterFoam discs of cuZn combine the advantages of this Acid washed coconut shell carbon and KDF copper-zinc using a unique layered media delivery system. You will find several water filters to eliminate different water contamination issues. Such as fluoride, chlorine, arsenic, nitrates, chloramines, and other heavy metals, iron, sulfur (rotten egg odor ), acid water (low pH), radioactive, and hardness.

Products are available in the marketplace for the kitchen (countertop and under-counter), refrigerators, bathtubs, showers, travel, whole house (45,000, 80,000, 300,000, and 500,000 gallons choices), and salt-less water softeners.

Other Important Healthy Products

1. Hand Sanitizers

The first measure of healthy living is being physically healthy. Office germs are not any joke. It only takes one person becoming sick to begin a full-on plague. Protect yourself from being one of the affected using hand sanitizers. You can never be too careful when it is about your health.

2. Tea Infuser

We’ve all hit that mid-day routine when nothing seems better than an ice-cold soda from the vending machine. You think one soda could not hurt, could it? The answer is yes. Sodas are pack full of calories. For a healthier alternative, have a cup of tea rather. Using a tea infuser makes it simple to make a nice cup of tea that will taste good and wake you up!

3. Pill Box

Keeping track of your medicines can be difficult with all the recommended vitamins. And let’s forget the other medications we are prescribed to take, sorting out those pills can be a wreck. Using a pillbox, you will know which pills you are supposed to take on what day.

4. Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are sitting at your desk or on the move, using a reusable water bottle can help you remember to drink water. Interesting fact: drinking water can also keep you from overeating!

5. Lunch Tote

Packing lunch is an affordable and easy way to be healthy every day. It is possible to pack a nutritious and filling lunch in a spacious lunch tote – and even some snacks for later! This is a great healthy product if you can reuse it daily.

6. BMI Calculator

Now you’ve got a clear way to measure your fitness goals. With this helpful instrument, you will have the ability to measure your body mass index. This is handy for when you need to determine where you fall on the nutritious scale.

7. Fitbit

The best way to attaining a healthy lifestyle is to be aware of how much action you get during the day. The Fitbit keeps track of how many steps you take throughout the day. It also measures your heart rate and sends a small alert to you recall you to walk around for a bit.

8. Smartphone Armband

Do not you hate it when you are exercising, and you have to balance your phone from one hand to the other? Well, using a smartphone armband provides you a way to work out to your favorite music, hands-free. Your telephone will be strapped securely to your arm, giving you plenty of motion to do any type of exercise you want.

9. Sports Duffle Bag

With this sports duffle bag, it is possible to fit all your gym necessities! Simply pack your workout clothes and a pair of shoes, and you’re all set to hit the treadmill.

10. Health Journal

A journal to hold yourself liable, write down your progress in this health journal. Writing down everything you eat and what you do for exercise will make you aware of the good steps you take. And with time, you’ll be able to look back on all your hard work!

Enjoy this listing of healthy products and see which one works best for you and your family.

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