Power Yoga For Healthy Living

Yoga is an old form of doing exercises; that concentrates on three major things: Strength, Flexibility, and Breathing which boosts mental and physical well-being. Yoga was primarily a spiritual discipline that brought harmony between body and mind But nowadays we say it does not adhere to any religion or any cultural beliefs. Anyone involved can benefit despite the ethnicity, religion or the culture.

Yoga has its origin in India. It started over 5000 years ago in Northern India. The word “Yoga” has a Sanskrit root “Yuj”, which means to unite. The scriptures of Yogic indicate that Yoga leads to the combination of Universal consciousness and individual consciousness.

In the Yogic tradition, Shiva is seen as the first yogi or Adiyogi and the first Guru or Adiguru. In turn, Adiyogi gave the knowledge to the Seven Sages. Sages carried this unique science to many different parts of the world mostly of the early civilization.

Healthy LivingThe parts include Middle East, Asia, South America and the Northern Africa. Classical period, between 500BC and 800A.D. with the help of the two great Indian teachers: Mahavir and Buddha made three types of yoga. They include Karma Yoga, Gyan Yoga, and Bhakti yoga. Kriya Yoga seals them and makes them four under current classification of Yoga.

Currently, it is said that anyone who experiences the oneness of existence is a yogi and is known to be in yoga. The main aim being to preserve, maintain and promote health. Yoga is widespread throughout the world thanks to many Indian teachers.

Yoga has two major components. The first one is posture. It is a series of movements which are meant to increase strength and flexibility. The second part is breathing…

The widely practiced Yoga nowadays are Yukta Karma, Yama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Manthra, Dhyana, and many others.

Power yoga is a vigorous approach to the vinyasa-style yoga. It is the modern gymnastic in addition to the ancient yoga. Power yoga the movement is more rapid than the regular Yoga. Power Yoga has strength over regular thereby increasing the cardiac output because of the growth in the intensity in exercise.

Normally, it focuses on building the body strength rather than body flexibility. It is almost the same qualities of Yoga as it helps in building internal heat, increased strength, stamina power and making one flexible. Power yoga just does the best by reducing stress

Health Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga has a countless number of benefits according to scientific studies.

Yoga helps increase muscle tone and muscle strength. Muscle strength in Yoga exercise works together with flexibility. Power attained this way is far much better than the one achieved by lifting weights because muscles have both the strength plus agility.

Makes one increase their flexibility and agility. Yoga enables you to do some exercises that were almost impossible to do earlier. The aches and pains will gradually disappear making you do highly flexible gymnastics. Because of this results, stretching of the muscles, tendons and ligaments are usually experienced.

Leads to improved performance in athletics.

Healthy LivingYoga reduces the level of stress in the body. The magic happens by lowering the production of the hormone cortisol responsible for bringing pressure. Always those doing yoga are happy as serotonin increases making someone happy.

Boosts your immunity. Immunity is raised because exercise drains out lymph from the immune cells which make easy for the body to fight any form of ailments and pathogens efficiently.

Maintains and helps to balance the metabolism process.

Helps you focus. Yoga done regularly leads to increased IQ memory and reaction time.

Yoga protects against any injury. Bones become denser with yoga and exercise in general. The bone is therefore not subjected to osteoporosis, the common disease affecting the elderly.

Makes the cardiovascular and circulatory systems function efficiently. The blood flow in the body increases when exercising well with Yoga. The cells also get nourished with oxygen even reducing edema.

Makes your posture to look good. Good posture reduces back pain; help to nourish joints thereby smooth joint movements. Good posture can make you arthritis free.

Protects the spine and prevents cartilage and joint breakdown. Yoga gives the joint bones their full range of motion as the fluids between the joints circulate sufficiently. The spinal disks can compress nerves and create a very painful back pain. The back pain can only be relieved by a good yoga exercise of the back like forward bends, and also lateral twists.

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