The Best Doctor Recommended Natural Sleep Aids Available Today

Sleep disorders, whether temporary and minor or long-term and severe, can have an adverse impact on health. This means that there is a strong desire for a quick fix.

The immediate response to many suffering with sleep issues is to turn to prescription drugs like Rozerem. The problem here is that it can take some time to find the right option, and there are side effects and addiction risks.

In fact, addiction to sleeping pills is a severe medical issue. The same applies for over the counter sleeping pills containing antihistamines and other chemicals. These accessible pills are problematic due to dependency and cost. These risks are why many prefer a natural approach to the issue and alternative sleep aids.

Natural Sleep Aids - Herbal Tea

There are many ways of opting for a more natural approach in sleep aids, and one of the more popular is an herbal tea.  Many people swear by Valerian tea, it is strong, full of antioxidants and can work well.

However, it needs a few nights to work, prolonged use can lead to dependency, and there is interference with some prescription drugs.

This means that it should be in use for no more than two weeks at a time. This issue may mean that some users may prefer safer, gentle alternatives like chamomile and other calming teas.

One of the other reasons why herbal teas are so popular as sleep aids are because of the smell. The act of drinking a mug of herbal tea before bed is a sensory experience. There is the pleasant taste, the heat of the warm liquid and the cup in the hands and the smell of the herbs.

It can help to use other forms of aromatherapy at night before bed.

Essential oils are often added to a hot bath or a pillow to add a pleasing scent. While many will advocate the use of lavender, this isn’t the only option.

Scents trigger the limbic system, which stimulates memories. Any scent that has a pleasant memory attached may be helpful in calming the mind and relieving anxiety.

On the other end of the scale are GABA shots to calm the mind. Bananas contain GABA proteins as a natural approach, but the concentration is very low.

The final option to consider here in sleep aids is melatonin supplements.

Natural Sleep Aids - Essential oils

Many people that suffer from poor sleep do so because of melatonin suppression. This is due to over-exposure to light, and sometimes the wrong kind of light.

City life means that our rooms aren’t as dark as they could be. Blue spectrum lights from laptops and other devices trick the brain into thinking there is daylight. This can inhibit melatonin production.

Some supplements can combat this, although it is important to talk to a doctor first because of potential side effects. Those that don’t want to take a tablet may only invest in better sleep hygiene strategies. This can include blackout curtains, filters on devices and removing screens from the room before bed.

In the end, these natural approaches and sleep aids are often more beneficial.

These natural methods may not be as powerful of fast, but they are effective without risk for long periods. Those that use sleep hygiene, herbal teas and therapeutic scents in a regular sleep regimen will improve. They are more likely to get a good night’s rest and stay calm.

The uses of these sleep aids can, in turn, reduce the risk of acute disorders and that widespread dependency on sleeping pills.

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