The Definition Of Being Sexually Healthy

The meaning of being sexually healthy is a bit more complex than it seems. To understand the true definition of healthiness when it comes to the matters of sex, we must first understand sexuality and how it works all together like a system to keep up sexually strength. Honestly, sexual health cannot be well-defined but rather obtained with a combination of responsibility and awareness.

Who is WHO

WHO is an expert organization developed in 1975 that released a comprehensive publication of sexual wellness, called Education and treatment in human sexuality. They put in fine details about the process of having sexual intercourse. It is a biological process between the male and female that are different between the two genders. There, WHO defines what is meant by being sexually healthy? Because it involves the performance of sex, questions have to be raised that brings about the welfare and safety of a person sexually active.

Sexual Health

We Need To Know

First and furthermost, we need to ask many questions as needed. Is that person sexually active with more than one partner? Has your partner, before the actual sex encounter, been tested for sexually transmitted diseases? What kind of protection you and your partner need? With more and more products used for the purpose to protect you in your active sex life, there are many options for you to choose from.

Safety Measures

One of the most important things in remaining healthy with sexual activity is using all possible safety measures. Likely, if both people are not married, it usually results in birth control methods. Most women are using birth control methods such day to day pills, monthly prevention shots, or inserted implants. For men, it is simpler to just buy and use condoms, so sperm insertion into a vagina is least likely to happen to reduce transferring any diseases and unplanned pregnancy.

Exercising and eating the right things is always important in staying sexually healthy. Not only does it help keep the body fit to enhance sexual performance, but fatigue also will not exist. From choosing the right vitamins, health drinks, natural or organic foods, best sex mattress all play a role along with increases the energy levels of the body and remains fit to stay sexually active.

Moreover, you cannot forget to mention sex concerning your basic human rights. This includes the right to have sex with a partner that is of the same gender, the age to become sexual active, a discretion concern, how many sexual partners one may have in a lifetime. A big one insists on how many children a couple wants to have. Practising your primary sex right varies in different parts of the world. Expressing and communicating sex should not offensive in any way when the purpose is to attain all the information you can about having a sexual wellness.

The more you read and find about sex, the more aware you become on what it takes to stay fit. Always ask the question: who, what, when, where, and how. Remember, no one person can define what it means to be sexually healthy, it is a mere mixture of mental, emotional, physical, and social comfort that allows you to navigate through your life with caution and consciousness.


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