3 Legal Sexual Health Products No Prescription Needed

Sexual Health Products For Men And Women

In life, few things are as embarrassing as poor sexual health. It is therefore not surprising that many men, and women as well, have taken to sexual health products in an attempt to improve and re-ignite their sex lives. Men, in particular, have been known to turn to sexual enhancement pills to strengthen erection and maintain it longer.

A few years back, the only way people could obtain sexual health products was through a doctor’s prescription. These days, however, the situation has eased up and people can now purchase sexual health products over the counter in gas stations, convenience stores and even liquor shops among other outlets.

Although these pills can go a long way in re-igniting your sexual health and boosting your confidence, not all the products sold are safe, let alone legal. Given this, here are 3 legal sexual health products that you can purchase without a prescription.

1. VigRX Plus

Clinical trials have proven that VigRX Plus has the capability to boost sexual health and sexual intercourse satisfaction by 71.43%. VigRX Plus prides itself in being a 100% natural formula that uses ingredients such as Damiana Extract, Epimedium, Asian Red Ginseng, Hawthorn Berry and Catuaba Bark Extract all of which experts have proven to be effective in improving sexual health.Sexual Health Products

In addition to that, VigRX Plus also contains an ingredient known as Bioperine. This ingredient quickens the rate at which nutrients are absorbed in the body hence by as much as 30%. This ensures that its effects are felt quicker and sustained for longer.

According to the company that manufactures VigRX Plus, you should use the supplement for at least 30 days for you to feel significant changes in your sexual health. As a result, the company offers a 60-day risk-free trial of the supplement with a full refund for returns made within 67 days.

Although it is not available in stores such as Walgreens, Walmart, and GNC, VigRX Plus can be purchased online directly from the manufacturer.

2. ExtenZe Extended Release

Biotab Nutraceuticals Inc. is the manufacturer of this sexual health product that has been touted by some experts as the closest thing to Viagra. The new ExtenZe Extended Release is in the form of liquid gel caps.

This makes it easier for nutrients to be absorbed into the blood stream. ExtenZe pills are also 100% natural and contain ingredients such as black pepper, ginger, Yohimbe extract, Pumpkin seeds, horny goat weSexual Health Productsed, Korean Ginseng extract and Damiana.

The combined benefits of these ingredients enhance the blood flow to the penis. In addition to that, the pills also increase the capacity of the penis to hold blood hence triggering and enabling larger/bigger erections.

One of the best things about this sexual health product is the fact that you only need to take 1 capsule per day. It would also be important to note that while ExtenZe pills are not known to have any side effects, the Yohimbe extract may react differently with different people.

You can buy ExtenZe at select Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and even GNC stores. It can also be bought online. However, care should be taken to ensure the authenticity of the product as there are counterfeits of the same product in the market.

3. Virmax DS

Virmax DS is manufactured by a company called Natural Products Solutions LLC. This sexual health product boasts of having holistic effects in that it boosts sexual pleasure, boosts libido and even enhances the quality and quantity of orgasms.

Sexual Health ProductsVirmax DS contains natural ingredients such as Cnidium Monniera seed for libido and stamina, Angelica Pubescens root for endurance, Ginseng root, L-arginine for better erections and Zizphi Fructus for the production of Nitric Oxide as well as the elimination of fatigue.

Nitric Oxide is important for sexual health as it helps to boost the flow of blood in the body and improves sexual performance while at the same time, enhancing the sexual experience.

Virmax DS pills are also known to be quite fast acting and according to the company, its effects can be felt within 45 minutes. You can get Virmax DS pills over the counter at Walgreens and CVS. You can also buy this sexual health product online.

If you have tried all the over the counter products and need additional help, please visit your doctor and see about getting a prescription that is appropriate for your condition.

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